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As a lifelong mechanic and do-it-yourselfer, Harry knows that just about anything can be fixed. See how TAVR by Edwards Lifesciences put this maverick back on the road.


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What Is Heart Valve Failure Brochure

If it’s severe aortic stenosis, also known as heart valve failure, you don’t want to wait. This brochure explains the importance of replacing your valve as soon as you're a candidate.1

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TAVR Info Kit

If you’re considering or are about to get a TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement), this kit is full of info about the aortic valve replacement procedure, talking to your doctor, and more.

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SAPIEN 3 Ultra Valve-in-Valve Patient Brochure

Detailed information on treatment options for patients with a failing surgical heart valve, a failing transcatheter heart valve, or a failing mitral prosthetic ring.

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SAPIEN 3 Ultra RESILIA Valve Patient Brochure

Find information about Edwards TAVR valves, including what to expect during and after the TAVR procedure, and view our clinical data.

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Join Heart Valve Strong

Heart valve failure is serious. Having the right tools and resources will help you speak up and take action before things get worse.2,3

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Real patients share their stories

Hear real patients share their experiences with heart valve failure—and what helped them choose TAVR.

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