Meet Harry

As a lifelong mechanic and do-it-yourselfer, Harry knows that just about anything can be fixed. See how TAVR by Edwards Lifesciences put this maverick back on the road.

Big Lives After TAVR

Video thumbnail: Rick’s Big Life: Band of Brothers

Rick's Big Life: Band of Brothers

A soldier, a retired cardiac surgeon, and a band leader—Rick's life has been about teamwork. Hear how he worked with his Heart Valve Team to fix his failing aortic valve.

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Video thumbnail: James’ Big Life: Blazing Trails

James' Big Life: Blazing Trails

Avid mountain climber, a nurse, and a loving husband—James didn't let severe aortic stenosis, also called heart valve failure, become his last adventure.

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Video thumbnail: Harry’s Big Life: Nuts and Bolts

Harry's Big Life: Nuts and Bolts

A mechanic, husband, and vintage car enthusiast—Harry was not about to let fixable become fatal.1

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Video thumbnail: Joy’s Journey: A Waiting Is Not Winning Story

Joy’s Journey: A “Waiting Is Not Winning” Story

One patient’s deeply personal experience with heart valve failure and TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement).

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Real Patient Stories

Video thumbnail: Dr. Dearman’s Story: The Best of Both Worlds

Dr. Dearman’s Story: The Best of Both Worlds

He’s a retired cardiac surgeon who also needed a TAVR. Hear about his experience.

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Video thumbnail: Norm’s Story: Climbing to the Top

Norm's Story: Climbing to the Top

Norm shares why being your own advocate for TAVR may be one of the most important things you can do.

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Video thumbnail: Ken on TAVR vs SAVR (surgical aortic valve replacement)

Ken on TAVR vs SAVR (surgical aortic valve replacement)

After having both TAVR and open heart surgery, Ken shares his unique experience.

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Heart Valve Failure and Treatment

Video thumbnail: What is Heart Valve Failure

What is Aortic Stenosis?

Learn about its causes, how it is diagnosed and its risks.

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Video thumbnail: A Cardiologist on Treatment Options

A Cardiologist on Treatment Options

A cardiologist discusses the two main treatment options for treating heart valve failure.

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Video thumbnail: How Is TAVR Performed

How Is TAVR Performed?

Watch this video to see how the TAVR procedure is performed.

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Heart valve failure is serious. Having the right tools and resources will help you speak up and take action before things get worse.2,3

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